A Time to Laugh…

This past Monday, we celebrated Labor Day by enjoying our annual church picnic.    This is an event that most of the church looks forward to participating is.    We had perfect weather, a record attendance and enough food that would make any true Baptist proud.

But is there more to a picnic than just food and games?  Well, I believe that the benefits of an even like this go way beyond the day it is held…  Consider with me the benefits of a church gathering like this.

#1) Fellowship – Many times, we are so busy ministering to others and trying to maintain the balance of schedules and family, that we forget to spend time and get to know each other.   There is nothing like the camaraderie that these types of events bring about.    We got chance to meet new people and talk to people who many times we see just passing in and out of the church doors.    There are times when a common experience will become a bond of a new friendship.   After a day like that, many came away with a new appreciation for their church family.

#2) Fun – let’s face it… we just had a lot of fun… between the good spirit of the people and the opportunity to just enjoy each others company… laughter erupted from one area of the picnic area to the other.


#3) Fulfillment – So it was a wonderful day… and the best part of all is that one man trusted Christ as his Savior.   We started this church back in 2005 with my wife and daughters, and I wondered what the future would look like for this ministry…. I have to say, that we as a church are diverse in who we are as people, yet experiencing a unity in purpose that I thank the Lord for.

When all was said and done… We were all exhausted, yet content. 

Thank you to all who planned and participated and prayed for the day.



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  1. Lori Imondi says:

    Hey Pastor Ron,
    I just stumbled on your website. I am not a blogger, but I enjoyed reading yours. Has it really been seven years since you started the church? I remember when you first came to GRIBT! What a blessing it is to think back on those memories and how our families have grown in the Lord. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Ed Van Allen says:

    Dear Pastor,

    Having gone to this event for each of the years our church has held it, and having been a member of our church from the time it was a few months old I can confidently make 3 comments that are not a secret to the members of TSBC, but nevertheless are good reminders:

    1.) Our little church has the most unique, genuine and sincere quality of fellowship and friendship of any church I have ever seen in my 13 years of salvation! These wonderful events serve to give us additional opportunities to continue to solidify an already phenomenal bond we enjoy together in Christ and I know I speak for all of the members of our church when I say that what we have here is a little piece of heaven on earth.
    2.) It is nothing short of amazing that for each day that we have had a church picnic, the weather has been pristine! On second thought, why am I surprised that the Lord answered this specific aspect of our prayers??? Speaking of answered prayer,
    3.) The Lord answered our prayers that somebody would be saved at the picnic! Another soul is on his way to heaven because of a divine appointment that was met at the 2012 church picnic!

    I am reminded, as you have so often pointed out, we must always remember to give thanks for our answered prayers, because to wait until a designated day to do so, such as Thanksgiving, is to defer the experience of God’s blessings on our lives. We can rob ourselves of the ‘real-time’ appropriation of yet another self-evident manifestation of the truth that God is real in our lives, that He loves us and that He wants to have a personal relationship with us. The timely appropriation of spiritual truth girds us up in the faith, especially for those times when we are tried, so that we can come forth as gold (Job 23:10).

    It is also a scriptural command to give thanks: 1Thes 5:18 In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

    I do thank and praise the Lord for our church, family, our Pastor, the fellowship we enjoy, these wonderful events, the fact that Gary accepted Christ, and that God sees fit to answer the prayers of the saints! Amen!

    Thanks for your blog and for your influence on so many for Christ, , including myself, Pastor!

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