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If you are involved in ministry in New England you know the names Tom & Ginny Crichton.   They have been faithfully serving the Lord in New England for 37+ years.    Pastor Crichton recently turned over the Pastorate of the Greater RI Baptist Temple in recent days to “retire”….  they will still be actively involved in the Lord’s work, just in a different area & capacity.

As the transition weekend came, much was made of the influence and ministry that the Crichton’s had in so many lives, and it was honoring to both the Crichton’s and the Lord.  As the celebration of all those years of ministry were culminated… I thought about my own legacy…   what will my ministry be defined like?

A challenging question… ask it of yourself… if you moved from where you are what impact would be felt?

As all the pictures and testimonies were given regarding the ministry of the Crichton’s, I found that they were comparable to the description that the Apostle Paul gave to someone who ministered with him… by the name of Epaphroditus.

In Philippians 2:25, I found three adjectives that Paul used to describe his friend that I would like said of me…

#1) My Brother – in other words, everyone knew that he was a Christian…. I appreciate people whose life backs up what their words say.    Pastor Crichton had a passion for people… to the unsaved, he preached the gospel… to the saved he was always gracious and cared for them.  My desire is that my life would be lived in such a way that people would know that I am a Christian.

#2) Companion in Labour –  I like someone who is not afraid to do what needs to be done.    Upon arriving, Epaphroditus found a need that he was not expecting.  And rather than just looking at the need of Paul and saying “I’ll pray for you brother”.    Paul says in verse 25, that he ministered to my wants”.  Epaphroditus was not just one who would see a need and walk on by.  He was a companion in labor.  I can remember many times seeing Pastor doing things because they “needed to be done”.

#3) Fellow Soldier – Opposition comes from many different sources, sometimes within our own ranks.  What I appreciated so much from Pastor Crichton is that he did not back down (even though it would have been easier), when he defended the scriptures.   Fighting the fight is not easy… but it is necessary.

I have always appreciated the Godly example and the influence that Pastor has had on my life…  and now I strive to please the Lord as I lead our church, and my prayer is that my legacy will be comparable to those I pattern it after.

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  1. Dawn The JOY Lady says:

    Pastor Berard,
    Thank you for that Christ-honoring blog. The Crichtons have a special place in my heart and have touched the lives of many. You have had the honor and privilege of learning under Pastor Crichton’s ministry, and I believe that is reflected in the way you lead the ministry of Tri-State Baptist Church.

    I do believe you have already built a legacy right here in the Northeast Corner of CT and reaching around the world through our missionaries. Souls are being saved for His glory and lives are being changed for His glory. I have no doubt that the legacy will continue as the church building goes up and the ministry grows. Thank you to your precious family for investing your lives for His Kingdom and glory.

    Grateful to be under your preaching,

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