• Having a “Mary” Christmas Part 3 of 3

    3) Mary was concerned about the Eternal Things….Martha the Earthly things. Notice this expression at the end of verse 42. When the meal is done, and the dishes are cleaned and all the decorations are put away…what will be remembered. What do you remember about last year? I remember last year we had our Christmas […]

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  • Having a Mary Christmas Part 2 of 3

    2) Mary was devoted to the person….Martha was distracted by the process. 39a-40 If you notice something….and this is very obvious…the whole purpose for what they are doing here in this passage is because the Lord had come to visit them.   This expression in verse 40 about “much” serving….gives us an indication that maybe Martha […]

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  • Having a Mary Christmas Part 1 of 3

    Luke 10:38-42 portrays a contrast between two women who both love the Lord Jesus Christ. The contrast is made between the way they are prioritizing an event that is taking place in their lives… think about this for a moment. If you search online about stress during the holidays… you will find articles on “Managing […]

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