• Strengthening our Relationships

    This picture is from a trip we took to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I use it with a little reluctance…. I don’t want people to think that I am presenting our relationship as faultless, but to the contrary, I am trying to present it as realistic. Sometimes people think that because you are in […]

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  • Keeping it Together Part 2

    Last post we saw Man’s expectations in marriage and how it leads to frustration…  but what did God have in mind for married people? (Genesis 2:24) Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. God has three expectations for a human […]

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  • Keeping It Together Part 1

    We have two wedding milestones this year in our family…  First is the beginning of a new marriage as our oldest daughter married a fine Christian man this summer (picture by Kent Boyle).  Second, my wife and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this December.   When you see the picture up above […]

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